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Beating heart

When founder Ralph Wilbers first gets a taste of personnel and payroll administration in 2002, his heart starts beating faster for payroll.

Discovering every aspect of the field, Ralph grows to a NIPRA registered payroll professional. He proudly carries the title of RPP (Registered Payroll Professional) behind his name. At WePayroll, we have a slightly different approach to how thing are done, with our “New approach to Payroll”. We turn our services into an experience and we do that with help of our experienced and enthusiastic professionals.

NIPRA registered

The NIPRA registration of our employees requires them to stay on top of the profession they have given their heart and soul to. An important quality of our employees is the eagerness to learn, which helps us to stay informed about the latest developments in our field


The employees of WePayroll are constantly following the developments regarding the applicable social and fiscal legislation. Besides the required expertise, they also have an extensive knowledge of payroll administration for expats. And naturally, the employees of WePayroll are continuously developing themselves and acquiring new knowledge and practical, immediately applicable skills, such as communication techniques and time management.


WePayroll strives to be the biggest small payroll provider. With the highest standards of service and with WePayroll as its trademark. High-quality payroll administration.

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WePayroll has an enthusiastic and passionate team of employees. This passion has enabled the company to grow and to offer our services to companies of any size. Our employees are accurate and goal-oriented and, last but not least, easy to get along with. This is why it is so pleasant to work with WePayroll.

Do you want these capacities to be used for the perfect payroll within your company? Then contact us today. We will gladly get onboard.

Meet our team

“Stop nooit met vragen waarom. Waarom?.”

Ralph Wilbers RPP

CEO & Founder

“Wij helpen je graag met het vinden van de perfecte balans tussen tevreden personeel en behapbare loonkosten. Een win-win situatie is ons streven.”

Karlijn Verhaegh RPP

Manager Payroll

“Werk hard in stilte. Laat succes je geluid zijn.”

Mitchel Van Heemstede Obelt RSA

Payroll Specialist

“Of we vinden een weg, of we maken er één.”

Nathalie Verhees RSA

Payroll Specialist

“Geloven in jezelf is het eerste geheim van succes”

Anne Fransen

HR & Office Assistent

“Als het niet linksom kan, dan moet het rechtsom”

Lisa Slegers

Marketing support

Would you like a “service experience” instead of a “service provision”?

yes, please!