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Switching to a different package for HR and salary administration brings a lot of work with it. WePayroll has a lot of experience in this field. We have been working with Nmbrs® since 2009 and that is the reason why we have been selected as implementation partner for Nmbrs® to execute the various programs.

Our main aim is Nmbrs® Business and to that we have following programs available:

  • Nmbrs® Up & Go
  • Nmbrs® HR Roll-out
  • Nmbrs® Recreation

For an extended description of the various programs, please visit the Nmbrs® website through this link:

To start with one of the programs, you can get the program of your choice directly in Nmbrs®, through My Account. For further information about the programs, you can contact the Startup team.

startup@nmbrs.nl of +31 (0)20-58 49 600 

Would you like WePayroll to execute the program, please let us know, when you register or send us an e-mail, then we will contact the Startup team directly.

Practice has shown that you will easily recover the costs for this one time investment, because Nmbrs® will be set-up correctly right away and you will get the utmost efficiency from the system. But what may be even more important, is that many errors (and the resulting corrections) can be avoided with this investment. Furthermore, with intensive accompaniment by an implementation consultant from WePayroll, the system will create more goodwill in your organization.