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Director-major shareholder salary – only €59,- per year

(excl. VAT per Director-major shareholder per year)

For the director-major shareholder

12 times per year on the 7th day of each month you will receive an e-mail, stating that your salary documents, like pay slip and salary journal entry are ready. You will receive a separate mail stating how much income taxes you have to pay, with the announcement and the Tax Authorities’ bank account. Once per year you will receive your annual income statement.

For the accountant

12 times per year you will receive a journal entry by e-mail or an automatic upload in the accountancy software (one-time costs are connected to an account schedule) and of course the pay slips and end of year pay slip.

What do I pay?

For our services we will charge you 59 EUR excluding VAT per director-major shareholder. If you start in the middle of the year, the invoice will be calculated pro rata. For example: if you start June 1, the invoice for that year will be 7/12 x 59 EUR.

What do I have to do?

You go to the form to register yourself

Anything else?

No, WePayroll does the rest!

That’s convenient, can I start right away?

Of course, click here to access the online registry form

I want to change something, now what?

Send your change to:

My partner will be on my payroll as well, what to do?

You can report this via, we will then send you a form with the required information.

Extra charge!?

That’s not how we do things; as long as you let us take care of your salary administration, you will only pay 59 euro per year.

Accountancy or administrative agency?

We will gladly work together with you. Please contact us, to talk about the possibilities.

Referral program

To make it even better, WePayroll offers an incentive. For every 10 director-major shareholder you bring in, you will receive (for a maximum period of three years) 10% of that turnover. In other words, for every 100 director-major shareholders you will receive almost 600 EUR every year. For further information or to register for the referral program, please contact us.

Is that all?

Not really, as payroll service provider, we also keep a close watch on all hot issues regarding the director-major shareholders and we will keep you posted with automatic updates. Here you will find the newest topics in our blog.

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