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With the “Payroll Continuity Program (PCP)” by WePayroll in 3 to 5 days the continuity of your salary administration secured.

Especially for existing Nmbrs® customers WePayroll has developed the Payroll Continuity Program (PCP). WePayroll has developed this program to make sure that your salary administration is no longer vulnerable to sudden changes or for example the salary administrator leaving.

At the start, customers often choose the Nmbrs® Up & Go program, sometimes with the additional Nmbrs® programs Recreation and/or HR Roll-out. WePayroll is often used as one of the carefully selected implementation partners.

But what if the salary administrator is no longer able to do his job or if he leaves the company? With the Payroll Continuity Program (PCP), we make sure that you have a manual with a clear explanation of all the processes and working methods. You also find an overview of the various authorities and contacts that we work with. Also the login codes for the critical systems can be found in the manual. Every (experienced) salary administrator can get started with this manual. It’s the perfect transfer method. But there is more, the continuity of the salary administration in your organization will be secured.

Experienced WePayroll salary specialists will gladly visit you to make sure that your company has a robust salary administration, with a guaranteed continuity.

For whom?

Existing Nmbrs® Business customers that process the payroll themselves for at least one year.

What does the program cost and how long does it take?

The Payroll Continuity Program has been divided into:

  • Small (up to 25 employees);
  • Medium (25 to 150 employees) and;
  • Large (150 – 500 employees)**

*For companies with more than 500 employees we will schedule an interview, after which we will provide you with a quotation.

Payroll Continuity Program Small

Duration: 3 days
Price: € 1650

Payroll Continuity Program Medium

Duration: 5 days
Price: € 2750

Payroll Continuity Program large

Duration: at least 8 days
Price: € 4400

Payroll Continuity Program – two yearly update

Duration: 2 days
Price: € 1100

When you purchase a Payroll Consistency Check and, at the same time, the Payroll Continuity Program van WePayroll, you will receive a 50% discount on the Payroll Consistency Check.


The first time after having worked with Nmbrs® Business for one or no more than a few years, after that WePayroll advises a two yearly update.

Register or do you need more information?

For additional information about the program, you can contact our Manager Payroll, Karlijn Verhaegh or +31 40 842 1635.

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Payroll Continuity Program

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