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Assistance with choices
The consultants of Payroll Resources are ready to assist you with advice about relevant choices.

Which salary package is right for you? What do you have to pay attention to? Which payroll provider is right for you?
The consultants of Payroll Resources are experienced professionals who are also perfectly capable of providing assistance during an implementation.

Take-overs and terms of employment

There are many things to consider during a take-over or a merger. You want everything to be organized as well as possible, especially for your personnel. How do you best take care of the amalgamation and harmonization of the terms of employment?

An experienced consultant will guide you through the process by supplying you with important advice, including the flow of information towards your employees. A consultant of Payroll Resources is a comforting form of support during turbulent times.

Testing efficiency

Workload to big or badly organized?
The employees at the payroll department are complaining loudly about their workload. You are wondering whether the workload is actually too big or whether your processes are not running efficiently.

An experienced payroll specialist of Payroll Resources will advise you on his findings and he will assist you towards efficient and effective procedures. That way, your employees will be more at ease and your payroll administration will yield a higher return.

Temporary personnel

In case your payroll administrator is temporary unavailable, you are looking for an immediate solution. Payroll Resources offers assistance by deploying an experienced and certified payroll professional.

Advantages of temporary payroll specialists

  • Assistance during any desired period.
  • Payroll professionals with knowledge of social and fiscal legislation.
  • Payroll professionals with ample experience regarding the most common payroll software suites.
  • Besides specific expert knowledge, our professionals also have excellent social and communicative skill allowing them to become involved in your organization in just a short time.

Project-oriented support

Professional advice
You are looking for support from a specialist during a conversion or implementation. With the consultancy services of Payroll Resources, you can count on high-level professional advice.

We understand the impact it can have on an organization when the payroll is not processed correctly.

We are more than willing to advise. Or if you would rather outsource the entire process, we will gladly and professionally take over, for example, as a payroll administrator in anticipation of an open vacancy.

More info?

More information?

Please contact us and we will examine how we can fill your needs.
More info?