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With the “Payroll Consistency Check (PCC)” by WePayroll within 2 days fully up-to-date with your salary administration.

Especially for existing Nmbrs® customers WePayroll offers the Payroll Consistency Check (PCC). We have developed this program to safeguard the consistency of the set-up and settings of your salary administration, also after the implementation.

At the start, customers often choose the Nmbrs® Up & Go program, sometimes with the additional Nmbrs® programs Recreation and/or HR Roll-out. WePayroll is often used as one of the carefully selected implementation partners.

But after having worked with Nmbrs® Business for only one or maximum a few years, we highly recommend a general check on the settings and set-up of the system. We call that the Payroll Consistency Check, or the short version: PCC. Not only the set-up and settings will be checked, we also advice about certain missing documents, correctness of application of the 30% rule, salary grants, working after retirement, etc.

Experienced salary specialists from WePayroll will gladly visit you to make sure that your company will also have a solid salary administration.

For whom?

Existing Nmbrs® Business customers that work in salary administration themselves.

How long does the program take and what does it cost?

Time Price
2 days €950,-

Or you can buy the program together with the Payroll Continuity Program (PCP)


The First time after having worked with Nmbrs® Business for only one or maximum a few years, after which we advise you to repeat this every 2 years.

Registry or more information?

For further information about this program, you can contact our Manager Payroll, Karlijn Verhaegh, via or +31 40 842 1635.

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Payroll Consistency Check

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